Be Aware of the Harmful Effects of Nail Polish and Protect Yourself

Women love to look beautiful, and why shouldn’t they? After all, they are nature’s best creations. However, a facial and a manicure are some things that every woman indulges infrequently. She needs this pampering after juggling her responsibilities at home and work. Hence, you find women dabbing gel color on their nails to beautify their nails from time to time.

However, are you sure that this practice of using nail polish on her nails does not harm her in any way? Well, it should not, but you can never say. It is better to know the hazards of nail polish and ensure that she gets the best every time. She can very well buy DND gel polish from our website. We offer high-quality toxic-free DND gel polish products.

Be Aware of the Harmful Effects of Nail Polish and Protect Yourself

This blog discusses the health risks that chemicals hidden in nail polish can pose and why it is best to invest in quality products. We shall also discuss some health tips to ensure better and healthier nails.

Tips to ensure better and healthier nails

The deadly trio

Typically, nail polish contains dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. These chemicals belong to a group known as carcinogens, meaning that exposure to these chemicals can cause cancer.

Toluene helps give a smooth finish across the nails. Besides binds together other colors inside the nail polish bottle. Generally, you find toluene in your automobile fuels. Exposure to toluene can cause nervous breakdowns and damage to your reproductive organs. Besides, you can feel nauseous and get headaches with eye and throat irritation.

Formaldehyde has use as a nail hardening agent. You will find abundant formaldehyde in the long-lasting nail polish formulas. It also has utility as a disinfectant to eliminate bacteria. However, it can cause cancers.

Dibutyl phthalate adds flexibility to your nail polish. They prevent your nails from becoming brittle and cracking. But, at the same time, dibutyl phthalate can damage your reproductive tract. As a result, many countries have banned dibutyl phthalate, also known as DBP, in nail polish.

Besides, nail polish products like polish removers, gel polish, etc., contain hazardous chemicals that can harm your health. These chemicals include camphor, nitrocellulose, butylated hydroxyanisole, and acetone.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to check out the ingredients on your nail polish products to ensure that they are free from the deadly trio and other chemicals. You can buy DND nail gel polish because it does not contain these dangerous chemicals.

Unhealthy environment

Generally, low-quality nail salons do not have much ventilation facilities. As a result, the fumes let out by nail polish products remain in the atmosphere for people to inhale. It can cause dizziness and headaches. In addition, people allergic to organic solvents can experience breathing difficulties. Therefore, one should ensure enough ventilation in the nail salons to allow for easy air circulation.

Dehydrating effects of acetone

Acetone is the best nail polish removal solution available today. However, acetone has dehydrating properties. As a result, your hands and nails can become dry after prolonged exposure to acetone during the nail polish removal procedure. Besides, acetone can cause allergic reactions and skin diseases like dermatitis. Therefore, one should follow the correct procedure for removing DND gel polish and ensure minimum exposure to acetone.

The cancer connection

If you feel that the deadly trio are the only cancer-causing agents in nail polish, you are way off the mark. Continuous exposure to UV rays can also cause skin cancer. Unfortunately, UV is something you cannot avoid when using gel polish because every coat requires curing under a UV lamp. However, you can use LED lamps instead of UV lamps. Though LED lights also emit UV radiation, the exposure gets limited.

How do you choose non-toxic nail polish?

The best thing is to check out the ingredients listed out on the nail polish bottle. It can be challenging, but you can ensure that it does not contain the deadly trio. That would eliminate the maximum risks. You can also check out organic nail paints. For example, if you buy DND gel polish, you can be sure that it does not have these three toxic chemicals and camphor.

Nail health tips

It is better to give your nails a rest from the harmful chemicals by not applying any nail polish for a few days every month. As you remove your nail polish, the exposure to acetone would have dried out the nails. Leaving them free to recuperate naturally is the right way to give your nails a holiday.

One should always ensure to have nail manicures in well-ventilated rooms. It helps the harmful odors to dissipate in the atmosphere and not affect your health in any way.

You can try out DND daisy gel polish, dip powder, and acrylic paints alternatively to reduce exposure to UV light.

You can also try out alternate modes of removing nail polish that does not use acetone.

Final words

While having a beautiful manicure adds to your attraction quotient, it is up to you to ensure that you take care of your health and avoid harmful chemicals. Invest in quality products and buy DND polish to stay away from toxic chemicals. Thus, you end up with more beautiful and healthier nails.