Best Ways to Get the Perfectly Glamorous Tan on Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin

Skin conditions such as sensitivity or acne breakouts make your skin vulnerable to reactions and inflammation. It is very important to stay vigilant and careful while applying tan on such skin. A minor carelessness will lead to a lot of problems. Tanning is one such process which requires a lot of care. This is because tan has to be applied on the entire skin. Any mishap will lead to ruining your whole body. You should carefully check the ingredients present in the tanning product. A small patch test will also be very helpful in knowing the behavior of your skin.

Best Ways to Get the Perfectly Glamorous Tan on Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin

Given below is a compilation of the best ideas and advice about how to tan your skin especially when it is highly sensitive or acne prone. Read these carefully and make sure you adopt these recommendations in your tanning routine.

How to tan sensitive skin

Sensitive skin tends to get inflamed very quickly. A minor irritating ingredient will give you redness and burning sensation for hours. While tanning sensitive skin, you should be very careful about this thing.

Before applying tan on sensitive skin, make sure it is well moisturised. A dry patch of skin tends to irritate more than the one that is well hydrated. Use a moisturizer that is rich in aloe vera extracts or menthol essence. It will cool out your skin and make it soft. Once moisturisation is done, you can move on to the actual tanning product. Indoor tanning lotions are a great way to get the perfect tan and keep your skin safe from irritation. It will give you the perfect, sun kissed tan without disturbing the natural balance of your skin. Choosing a good indoor tanning lotions for sensitive skin is extremely beneficial and recommended by experts. You won’t feel even the slightest irritation after using this product. The user-friendly formula of the product makes it easy to apply.

Tips to get a beautiful tan on acne prone skin

Talking about acne prone skin, it is vulnerable to breakouts every other day. To get a beautiful and attractive tan on acne prone skin, you should know a few things.

Firstly, your tanning product should be non comedogenic. If it clogs pores, your skin will break out more frequently. So choose a product that absorbs fully into the skin without disturbing the penetration ability of pores.

Secondly, the product should be free from oil. It should not form a greasy layer on the skin. Oily layer promotes bacterial growth and is therefore more harmful for acne prone skin.Keeping the above specifications in mind, choose the best self tanner for acne prone skin. It will not only give you a warm, golden, model like tan, but will also decrease your acne breakouts.

How to keep your skin protected from reactions

To keep your tanned skin protected from harmful reactions, few things are very important. Use of a good sunscreen always comes in handy. It will not only protect your skin but also let your tan last longer. You can also use protective balms or salves to keep your skin healthy and safe.


Skin conditions need to be handled and addressed properly. All the procedures you do on your skin, must be done keeping the particular condition in your mind. While tanning, you should remember one thing that tan has to be applied on your entire skin. You can not afford even a small reaction on your skin. So, it is very Important to know the specification of your skin and choose the product according to it. Reading the above article, it will be much easier for you to opt for the right choice of product and procedure for your skin tan.