What Is the Solution to the Most Common Bra Fit Issues?

Are you facing issues finding the perfect fitting bra? We understand there are many problems you deal with while finding a bra that has the appropriate shape and fit. In this article, we will discover the ways to fix the most common problems and how to find the best bra next time you shop.

What Is the Solution to the Most Common Bra Fit Issues?


Do Your Straps Slip Off?

Straps get stretched after you wear them regularly for weeks and months. You have to tighten bra straps every other month to fix the slipping straps issue. In case the tightening of the straps doesn’t fix the issue, you need to check the bra style. However, if you want to fix the problem permanently, choose the best bra for side spillage.

Full coverage, demi, and multi-way bras are popular among ladies because these bras usually have narrow-set straps. These bras will stay fit on your shoulders the entire day. You should avoid buying balconette and plunge bras that typically have wider-set straps. These bras have straps that easily slip based on the body type.

Are Your Straps Digging In?

Most women complain about the straps digging into their shoulders. Either the bands are too big or have been stretched because of regular wearing. To fix the issue, you should choose a bra with a band that is one size smaller.

Note: Those who choose a bra with one size smaller band size than normal should have a bigger cup size. For instance, women who currently use 36C will find 34D a tighter band that gives good fitting.

Finally, the women who have D cup size should choose a bra with a narrower style of straps. You need to ensure that the straps are centered on the shoulders. Moreover, the weight of your breast should be properly distributed in the bra.

What about Gaping Cups?

Women who have bell shape, asymmetric, east-west, or slender breast shapes popularly deal with this problem. Commonly, the breasts rest at the bottom side of the bra’s cups. Hence, there is room left at the top for the cup gaping problem.

Women who have issues because of cup gaping should tighten their bra straps. In case this solution doesn’t do the trick for you, go down a cup size. You might be having issues because the bra’s cup size is too big than required.

Some ladies state that the cups fit well, but they still find many gaps at the top. You should choose a push-up bra that can push the breast upward and reduce the gaping. You should reduce the cup size to get a bra without any gap at the top.

Does your breast spill out of the cups? Maybe the cups are too small. You can easily fix this problem by finding one size bigger cup size. Those who find their band a bit loose should get a bigger cup size and smaller band size.

How to Deal with Cup Overflow?

Women who find their breasts spilling out should find the correct bra cup size. Just like side overflow, the cup overflow problem can be easily solved. Your breasts need a breathing area. Hence, you should trade-in for a bigger cup size. For instance, ladies who have 32B should find a 32B½ or whole cup size to 32C.

Ladies who have recently given birth often complain about not finding a bra that is easy for them to wear after feeding their child. Since they regularly have to feed the newborn baby, they need to find the best bra for after breastfeeding.

Some women have issues due to the wire sitting on their breast tissue. Maybe your bra’s band is being too big. The best trick will be to find a smaller band size that can tighten the fitting. Always remember whenever you choose a smaller band size, the cup size should be bigger to give enough space to the breast to breathe.


We hope now you understand the best ways to fix the common issues with the bra. You also know the best things to remember when shopping bras at local stores. Always ensure that the bra should neither be too tight nor too loose. Moreover, you should find a bra that is comfortable and doesn’t require too much maintenance.