Learn How to Get a DND DC Gel Polish Manicure at Home

The days of waiting for long hours at the nail salon for our turn to come are gone. With most salons closed due to lockdown restrictions, people are comfortable painting their nails at home. Initially, the process can be challenging, but you can master the technique soon enough.

This blog discusses how to apply your DND DC gel polish at home. Choosing the right kind of polish can be tricky because of the extensive range of color options available with the DND DC collection.

Learn How to Get a DND DC Gel Polish Manicure at Home

Once you have finalized the type of polish to have on your nails, you can proceed with completing the manicure at home.

Some nail manicures do not require much buffing. Hence, they are gentle on your nails. These manicures cost more. However, DND DC gel polish is a preferable option because of the range of colors on display.

Apparatus necessary to get the gel manicure at home

Before you start with the gel manicure at home, it is better to check out the apparatus. Keeping them handy is advisable because you need not rush around the house searching for these tools with nail polish dripping all over the place.

Gel Basecoat: Is necessary to lay the strong foundation for a perfect gel manicure.

Gel Topcoat: Is essential to provide an apt finish to your gel manicure.

Nail Cleanser: Having a nail cleanser is crucial to clean the nails of all the debris and oil. It allows the basecoat to stick better to the nail bed.

DND DC: Pick your favorite gel polish from the DND DC gel polish collection.

Lamp: A 36W UV or LED lamp for curing the polish is a critical aspect of the gel manicure.

Nail Bonder: A nail bonder is an excellent accessory as it helps the gel coat adhere to the base coat and ensure an attractive finish.

Gel Compound: If you have weak nails, you should include the structure gel compound to strengthen them.

Cuticle oil:  Is vital as you would need it daily to massage your nails and the cuticles.

Lint-free nail wipes or cotton balls: Are necessary to wipe out the excess polish that spread over to your fingers.

Nail Buffer: It is better to have a sterilized nail buffer block as it can prove ideal for your nails.

How to proceed with the gel application?

You have to start the procedure by preparing your nails for the manicure. It can require the removal of existing polish. You should clean them and ensure they are absolutely dry.

The cuticle can be an irritant when applying gel polish. Therefore, it is essential to push them back into their grooves and clean the adjoining nail plate. Use a sterilized nail file to shape the nails for the gel manicure. The nail buffer proves handy for buffing your nails and smoothening them for the job.

Use a nail cleanser for wiping the nails of all dust. Lint-free cotton wipes are the ideal tools to complete this job.

If you have the nail bonder ready, you can start your manicure by applying a coat. Wait till it dries up entirely. The DND DC gel polish basecoat application has to be thin. It is crucial to seal the nail edges to prevent lifting of the nails at a later stage. One must ensure that the basecoat does not touch the cuticle.

Curing the basecoat under a UV lamp for 20 to 30 seconds should prove sufficient to dry the basecoat. An LED light will also do instead of a UV lamp.

The gel polish application is the next job. You should ensure to have a thin coat and not touch the cuticles with the polish. It is also crucial to seal the nail edges with polish. The polish curing process can take a longer time of around two minutes for light colors and three minutes for the darker hues.

Depending on your preferences, you can have additional gel polish coating. However, you should understand that multiple layers can make your gel polish appear thick. It can take more time to remove such polish later on.

Finally, you can proceed with a thin topcoat layer that helps to lend your nails a glossy appearance. You should remember to cure the polish applications at every stage. Otherwise, you can smudge your nail polish.

If you find the nail polish a bit tacky after the topcoat application, you can use the nail cleanser to wipe it off.

The thick nail polish layer can cause the skin around the nail bed to stretch. The best way to deal with such a situation is to massage the surrounding skin area with cuticle oil.


The gel manicure is easy to master. Besides, it saves sufficient time that you spend visiting the nail salon. It is the best thing women have learned during the lockdown periods.