How Do You Use Kiara Sky Dip Powder Colors to Get a Beautiful Manicure?

While you have different dip powder manicures, the Kiara Sky dip powder is special because Kiara Sky has revolutionized nail manicures by introducing uniquely and cleverly thought-out solutions for your instant dip manicures. In addition, Kiara Sky dip powder colors are excellent to use because they are non-toxic, cruelty-free, MMA-free, and odor-free. Let us now learn how to use Kiara Sky colors and get a beautiful and long-lasting dip powder manicure.

How Do You Use Kiara Sky Dip Powder Colors to Get a Beautiful Manicure?

Benefits of Using Kiara Sky Dip Powder

The Kiara Sky dip powder manicure is foolproof and easy to master. Hence, you can have the manicure at home.

The dip powder has finely-milled consistency, much more refined than acrylic powder. Therefore, they feel light on your nails.

You can use Kiara Sky dip powder over your acrylic nails to give them additional strength.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder Manicure Procedure – It Is Different

Generally, you prep your nails by soaking them, filing and buffing, and finally having the color set on them. However, the Kiara Sky dip powder manicure is different because you apply the Kiara dip powder first and then shape your nail. In addition, the sealant formula in Kiara Sky dip powder colors ensures that the nail does not chip away.

Here is the Kiara Sky dip powder manicure procedure in detail.

Start the procedure by pushing the cuticles into their grooves. Use cuticle oil to soften them before pushing them back.

Use an electronic drill or a sterilized nail file to remove traces of polish and the natural shine away from the nail bed. It is better to focus on your cuticles and the edges.

Select the first bottle of nail polish, also known as the Bond. Apply it to your natural nail. If you wish to have an artificial nail, you can attach it to the natural nail before applying the bond. It is advisable to file the area where the artificial nail meets the natural nail to ensure an even surface.

Kiara dip powder kit offers a second bottle, also known as the Base. You should apply the basecoat to your nail up to 3/4th length in smooth strokes. It is better to avoid extending the basecoat up to the cuticle.

While the base coat is still wet, dip your nail into the Kiara Sky at an angle of 45 degrees. You should note that the powder sticks to the basecoat. Therefore, you need not worry about the powder getting into your cuticles. Instead, you can brush it off quickly.

If there is excess powder on your nail, shake it off into the dip powder bottle. Then, use a clean brush to even out the powder layer on your nail.

Now, you can apply the basecoat again to the entire nail.

Repeat the procedures laid down in the earlier steps.

The most crucial part of the manicure is dipping your nail into the Clear Dip Powder. It protects the color from filing.

Pick up the third bottle, also known as the Seal Protect. It helps bind the dip powder to the basecoat and strengthen the manicure. Apply the Seal Protect layer liberally on your nail to allow smooth bonding between the dip powder and the basecoat.

Now, you can proceed with filing and buffing your nails into the desired step. The Kiara nail dip procedure is different from the conventional dipping powder manicures at this instant. The filing and the buffing allow smoothing the edges and removing the bumpy bits of dip powder on your nail.

Take a clean wipe dipped in alcohol to remove traces of dust and debris from the nail surface.

You can apply the Seal Protect layer over the entire nail to strengthen the manicure.

Use a lint-free cotton cloth to wipe away the dust.

Finally, you apply the contents of the 4th bottle, the Topcoat. When doing so, it is better to apply using thin strokes. At the same time, you should allow the first topcoat to dry completely before applying the subsequent one. The best aspect of Kiara Sky dip powder colors is that the coat dries quickly on exposure to air. Therefore, you need not force-dry it using a UV lamp.

It is better to have a minimum of three topcoats to make your nails shine and last long. You can stop it at the second coat if you like a matte finish.

The last step in the dip powder manicure is to massage your nails using cuticle oil. The oil allows the retention of moisture and keeps your nails hydrated.

Final Thoughts

You must have noticed that the Kiara dip powder manicure is different from the conventional process. However, it is a robust process that allows your nail manicure to last comfortably long. You can proudly display your nails amongst your friends and have a great time.