Tips to Help Your Gel Manicures Last

Women cannot do without nail manicures to maintain their beauty quotient. Simultaneously, one should also ensure that the nails remain healthy while looking beautiful and attractive. Here are some tips that can help gel manicures last longer.

Tips to Help Your Gel Manicures Last

Use high-quality products

There is no substitute for quality, especially when it comes to your nails and other beauty aspects. Using high-quality products like OPI colors proves beneficial because they do not contain harmful chemicals that can prove unhealthy to your nails. These products pass through numerous quality tests before hitting the market shelves.

Let nature do its job

Many women have the habit of rushing into their next nail polish job immediately after removing the earlier one. They argue that it is necessary to have beautifully manicured nails all the time to top the glamor quotient. They are right in a way, but one should let the nail breathe naturally between two successive gel manicures.

Gel manicures can dehydrate your nails, especially the removal process. Such nails become brittle and are prone to chipping off. Therefore, women need to give their nails a breather every three weeks or so. One week should be sufficient for the nails to regain the lost moisture.

The hiatus is crucial because it does not allow nail infections to set in and damage the nails. OPI gel color have a thick armor-like coating that makes the nail job last longer. Though it enhances the nail’s beauty, it blocks the natural flow of oxygen. Taking a week off does help a lot.

Do not pick at peeling nail polish

As you move into the third week of your gel manicure, your gel polish could start lifting. The general tendency of people is to pick at the lifted polish and try to remove it. This temptation can leave a small gap in the nail through which water can seep through. Such a situation is perfect for harboring bacteria and fungi.

Secondly, ripping off the gel layer can take off some of your nail layers with it. This damage is far more severe as it can take around six months to heal properly. Therefore, one should refrain from picking at peeling polish and let them stay where they are. If they start peeling badly, a visit to the nail salon should do the trick.

Limiting UV exposure is helpful

When you use OPI gel and lacquer combo nails for your nail manicure job, it becomes essential to cure the nails under the UV lamp. The purpose is to let the polish stick to the nail and dry out, as well. However, ultraviolet rays can harm the nails and the skin around it if there is prolonged exposure. Hence, many women are not comfortable going for UV exposure.

A suitable alternative is the use of LED lamps. LEDs do not emit as much harmful UV rays as UV lamps do. On the effectiveness front, the LED lamps are as efficient as the UV lamps. However, it is in your interests to limit UV rays exposure as much as possible.

Another school of thought claims that LED lamps use higher intensities of UVA wavelengths to achieve shorter curing times. Hence, they cure the nails faster. However, UVA wavelengths are also equally hazardous. One way is to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your nails and skin from UVA/UVB radiation.

Avoid taking hot baths or showers

OPI gel & lacquer is excellent for enhancing the overall beauty of your nails. However, one should take care of the nails to enable the gel polish to last long. Hot water is gel’s worst enemy. Spending long hours in the spa or under a hot shower can be a soothing experience, but they can end up lifting your gel manicures. The solution is to use rubber gloves. The same applies when doing your dishes, as well.

Soaking your gel manicures in acetone can be harmful

Acetone is the most renowned nail polish remover. However, soaking your nails in acetone for extended hours can be harmful because it can dehydrate your nails and skin. The only way to minimize the soaking period is to ensure that the manicurist applies the gel polish the right way. If the nails are cured properly, it does not take much time to remove them. Otherwise, you might have to use additional tools like nail files to remove gel polish from your nails.


It is undoubtedly an excellent feeling to display your beautifully manicured nails on social media channels. OPI matching gel and lacquer is an excellent product that enhances the overall beauty. Following the tricks and tips discussed above can help you get beautiful and healthy-looking nails simultaneously.