BEAUTY HEAD FIRST is centered in the belief that you are a thing of beauty. Exactly as you exist right now, in this moment. With every flaw you’ve been told should be changed. With every extra bit of weight you think you carry. With every part of you that feels you aren’t good enough.

Bring every insecurity you have. And every thought you’ve ever had that spoke to your core that you aren’t absolutely perfect as you are.

We’re about to change all of that.

We believe that total beauty is having an educated mind, a peaceful soul, a grateful heart, giving hands and the confidence to take yourself anywhere you desire to go.

And you sure as hell won’t find that packaged at the makeup counter.

Yes, feeling beautiful can be about a great pair of heels or a new haircut. And I would know because I spend everyday behind the chair with women helping them discover their physical beauty and teaching other hairdressers how to do the same. There’s certainly an element of physical beauty when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

You will find, however, that changing the definition and aspiring to live your most “beautiful” life in the ways we’ve outlined not only helps you, but it empowers and inspires the women around you to own all of who they are. And this is our goal at Beauty Head First: to help you along your journey with honesty and encouragement so that we can all move forward together in creating a more loving, beautiful world.