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Be Aware of the Harmful Effects of Nail Polish and Protect Yourself

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Women love to look beautiful, and why shouldn’t they? After all, they are nature’s best creations. However, a facial and a manicure are some things that every woman indulges infrequently. She needs this pampering after juggling her responsibilities at home and work. Hence, you find women dabbing gel color on their nails to beautify their nails from time to time.

However, are you sure that this practice of using nail polish on her nails does not harm her in any way? Well, it should not, but you can never say. It is better to know the hazards of nail polish and ensure that she gets the best every time. She can very well buy DND gel polish from our website. We offer high-quality toxic-free DND gel polish products.

Women love to look beautiful, and why shouldn't they? After all, they are nature's best creations. However, a facial and a manicure are some things that every woman indulges infrequently. She needs this pampering after juggling her responsibilities at home and work. Hence, you find women dabbing gel color on their nails to beautify their nails from time to time. However, are you sure that this practice of using nail polish on her nails does not harm her in any way? Well, it should not, but you can never say. It is better to know the hazards of nail polish and ensure that she gets the best every time. She can very well buy DND gel polish from our website. We offer high-quality toxic-free DND gel polish products. This blog discusses the health risks that chemicals hidden in nail polish can pose and why it is best to invest in quality products. We shall also discuss some health tips to ensure better and healthier nails. Tips to ensure better and healthier nails The deadly trio Typically, nail polish contains dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. These chemicals belong to a group known as carcinogens, meaning that exposure to these chemicals can cause cancer. Toluene helps give a smooth finish across the nails. Besides binds together other colors inside the nail polish bottle. Generally, you find toluene in your automobile fuels. Exposure to toluene can cause nervous breakdowns and damage to your reproductive organs. Besides, you can feel nauseous and get headaches with eye and throat irritation. Formaldehyde has use as a nail hardening agent. You will find abundant formaldehyde in the long-lasting nail polish formulas. It also has utility as a disinfectant to eliminate bacteria. However, it can cause cancers. Dibutyl phthalate adds flexibility to your nail polish. They prevent your nails from becoming brittle and cracking. But, at the same time, dibutyl phthalate can damage your reproductive tract. As a result, many countries have banned dibutyl phthalate, also known as DBP, in nail polish. Besides, nail polish products like polish removers, gel polish, etc., contain hazardous chemicals that can harm your health. These chemicals include camphor, nitrocellulose, butylated hydroxyanisole, and acetone. Therefore, it becomes imperative to check out the ingredients on your nail polish products to ensure that they are free from the deadly trio and other chemicals. You can buy DND gel polish because it does not contain these dangerous chemicals. Unhealthy environment Generally, low-quality nail salons do not have much ventilation facilities. As a result, the fumes let out by nail polish products remain in the atmosphere for people to inhale. It can cause dizziness and headaches. In addition, people allergic to organic solvents can experience breathing difficulties. Therefore, one should ensure enough ventilation in the nail salons to allow for easy air circulation. Dehydrating effects of acetone Acetone is the best nail polish removal solution available today. However, acetone has dehydrating properties. As a result, your hands and nails can become dry after prolonged exposure to acetone during the nail polish removal procedure. Besides, acetone can cause allergic reactions and skin diseases like dermatitis. Therefore, one should follow the correct procedure for removing DND gel polish and ensure minimum exposure to acetone. The cancer connection If you feel that the deadly trio are the only cancer-causing agents in nail polish, you are way off the mark. Continuous exposure to UV rays can also cause skin cancer. Unfortunately, UV is something you cannot avoid when using gel polish because every coat requires curing under a UV lamp. However, you can use LED lamps instead of UV lamps. Though LED lights also emit UV radiation, the exposure gets limited. How do you choose non-toxic nail polish? The best thing is to check out the ingredients listed out on the nail polish bottle. It can be challenging, but you can ensure that it does not contain the deadly trio. That would eliminate the maximum risks. You can also check out organic nail paints. For example, if you buy DND gel polish, you can be sure that it does not have these three toxic chemicals and camphor. Nail health tips It is better to give your nails a rest from the harmful chemicals by not applying any nail polish for a few days every month. As you remove your nail polish, the exposure to acetone would have dried out the nails. Leaving them free to recuperate naturally is the right way to give your nails a holiday. One should always ensure to have nail manicures in well-ventilated rooms. It helps the harmful odors to dissipate in the atmosphere and not affect your health in any way. You can try out DND gel, dip powder, and acrylic paints alternatively to reduce exposure to UV light. You can also try out alternate modes of removing nail polish that does not use acetone. Final words While having a beautiful manicure adds to your attraction quotient, it is up to you to ensure that you take care of your health and avoid harmful chemicals. Invest in quality products and buy DND gel polish to stay away from toxic chemicals. Thus, you end up with more beautiful and healthier nails.

This blog discusses the health risks that chemicals hidden in nail polish can pose and why it is best to invest in quality products. We shall also discuss some health tips to ensure better and healthier nails.

Tips to ensure better and healthier nails

The deadly trio

Typically, nail polish contains dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. These chemicals belong to a group known as carcinogens, meaning that exposure to these chemicals can cause cancer. Continue reading

Best Ways to Get the Perfectly Glamorous Tan on Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin

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Skin conditions such as sensitivity or acne breakouts make your skin vulnerable to reactions and inflammation. It is very important to stay vigilant and careful while applying tan on such skin. A minor carelessness will lead to a lot of problems. Tanning is one such process which requires a lot of care. This is because tan has to be applied on the entire skin. Any mishap will lead to ruining your whole body. You should carefully check the ingredients present in the tanning product. A small patch test will also be very helpful in knowing the behavior of your skin.

Best Ways to Get the Perfectly Glamorous Tan

Given below is a compilation of the best ideas and advice about how to tan your skin especially when it is highly sensitive or acne prone. Read these carefully and make sure you adopt these recommendations in your tanning routine.

How to tan sensitive skin

Sensitive skin tends to get inflamed very quickly. A minor irritating ingredient will give you redness and burning sensation for hours. While tanning sensitive skin, you should be very careful about this thing.

Before applying tan on sensitive skin, make sure it is well moisturised. A dry patch of skin tends to irritate more than the one that is well hydrated. Use a moisturizer that is rich in aloe vera extracts or menthol essence. It will cool out your skin and make it soft. Once moisturisation is done, you can move on to the actual tanning product. Indoor tanning lotions are a great way to get the perfect tan and keep your skin safe from irritation. It will give you the perfect, sun kissed tan without disturbing the natural balance of your skin. Choosing a good indoor tanning lotions for sensitive skin is extremely beneficial and recommended by experts. You won’t feel even the slightest irritation after using this product. The user-friendly formula of the product makes it easy to apply. Continue reading

Get the Perfect Makeup Look for Any Event Using These Tips

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Girls want to look picture perfect for every event. They want a look that goes wonderfully with the outfit and makes them look glamorous. Sometimes there can be a few difficulties to achieve this goal. The first one being the choice of makeup products. Secondly, it becomes very difficult to choose which look they want to adopt. There are a lot of ongoing makeup trends and choosing from the variety of options is sometimes very hectic. For tackling such situations, every girl should know some basic makeup tips. These makeup hacks will go with every look either it is formal or casual. You just need to make minor changes according to the type of event and you are good to go. So let’s just hop right into these makeup ideas.

Get the Perfect Makeup Look

Instructions for getting the perfect, glowing,model like look

A perfect model like glam is not hard to achieve. You just need to pay attention to a few things.

Firstly, you should be very careful about the choice of the product. Everything you apply on your face should be perfectly matched with your skin. This is because nude and natural looks are perfect for routine events.

Talking about products, Korean products are very much used by models these days due to their high quality and number of benefits. You can use the best Korean foundation that matches your skin tone and type. Blend it very well into your skin and let it get settled. It will allow all other products to set on your skin perfectly without creating creases or cakey appearance.

Apply your concealer not only under the eyes but also in the forehead, cheek and jaw area. This will create a cut crease and define the shape of your face. Continue reading

Get the Sun-Touched Skin Safely Even with Tattoos

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Although a tattoo can be beautiful, it can attract too much attention sometimes as well. Most of us consider getting a tattoo for once in our life, which tells a personal story. But there are certain times when we don’t want to show everything close to our heart, to this world. A tattoo can cause trouble if you are trying to get sun-kissed skin within someday of getting it. I will be sharing some ways for you to get amazing tanned skin, even with tattoos. I hope you will get the desirable result after applying these few techniques and tips.

Get the Sun-Touched Skin Safely Even with Tattoos


Tanning tattoo protection can be a complex subject to discuss, as tanning your skin for the long term is already a risky task. When you get a tattoo, it makes your skin even more sensitive to everything. The first thing that you should keep in mind if you are going for a tattoo is to check your tattooed skin condition.

The skin should be healed by the time you decide to go for a sun tanning session. However, the result of too much sun exposure may not be advisable for your tattoo. Sunburnt skin not only harms the tattooed skin but also triggers the fading away process of a tattoo. The heat and UV light breaks down the ink of your tattoo that keeps the shape intact, causing it to fade earlier than you would want it to be. A chemical reaction like this can change the color as well. Now it’s your choice, which is more important to you.

Continue reading

Learn How to Get a DND DC Gel Polish Manicure at Home

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The days of waiting for long hours at the nail salon for our turn to come are gone. With most salons closed due to lockdown restrictions, people are comfortable painting their nails at home. Initially, the process can be challenging, but you can master the technique soon enough.

This blog discusses how to apply your DND DC gel polish at home. Choosing the right kind of polish can be tricky because of the extensive range of color options available with the DND DC collection.

Once you have finalized the type of polish to have on your nails, you can proceed with completing the manicure at home.

Some nail manicures do not require much buffing. Hence, they are gentle on your nails. These manicures cost more. However, DND DC gel polish is a preferable option because of the range of colors on display.

Apparatus necessary to get the gel manicure at home

Before you start with the gel manicure at home, it is better to check out the apparatus. Keeping them handy is advisable because you need not rush around the house searching for these tools with nail polish dripping all over the place.

Gel Basecoat: Is necessary to lay the strong foundation for a perfect gel manicure.

Gel Topcoat: Is essential to provide an apt finish to your gel manicure. Continue reading

Handy Tools to Ensure an Intricate OPI Gel Polish Manicure

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Suppose I ask you. “What is the easiest way to get a gel manicure?” Your reply would be to visit the nearest nail salon and get a professional job done. Under normal circumstances, your response is the perfect one. However, we are not living in regular times. It is the time of a COVID-19 second wave that is proving deadlier than the first one. You have quarantine and other restrictions to follow. Visiting the nail salon for a gel manicure should be the last thing in your mind. It is not worth taking the risk. The best alternative left for you is to go for a DIY manicure. When doing so, you should have the following tools handy.

Top 10 Tools to Ensure an Intricate OPI Gel Polish Manicure

Topcoat and Base Coat

All gel manicures need a base coat and topcoat application. Though you have some brands that do not require a topcoat or a base coat, it is an exception to the rule. An OPI gel nail polish kit comes equipped with clearly marked topcoat and base coat applications. There is no compulsion to have the topcoat and base coat of the same brand, but it is better to have one because it ensures uniformity and quality. Besides, using the same brand ensures that they cure in the type of UV lamp you have. Continue reading

Top 5 Best Makeup Products for Acne Prone Skin That Cover Blemishes Without Causing Breakouts

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Best Face Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

Are you also hearing from everyone that you can not put on makeup on acne prone skin? Do you also think that makeup products will make your breakouts even worse? It is time to say goodbye to all these myths and misconceptions forever. People with acne prone skin also deserve to glam up no matter how severe the situation of pimples and blemishes is. We encourage people of every skin type to use whatever product that makes them look and feel good about themselves and for the sole reason, we have brought to you the best makeup products that are suitable for acne prone skin and will amazingly cover all the blemished areas without disturbing your skin any further.

Almay Clear Complexion Matte Finish Liquid Foundation

Amazon best-selling product B006OY1LSQ

Normally it happens that application of makeup on acne prone skin occludes all the pores and suffocates your skin because ordinary products are heavy. This product is not of such type as it is extremely light weight and blends in perfectly, covering all the acne clad areas. The coverage of the foundation is amazing and beyond comprehension. It makes your skin less shiny and prevents oil production which is one of the main causes of acne breakout. Skin tone becomes flawlessly even and smooth.

Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer

Amazon best-selling product B003FBTX54

A concealer could be your great companion during makeup if you have any kind of blemishes on your skin, either it is from acne or any other skin condition. This concealer particularly contains salicylic acid which is one of the most useful ingredients to treat acne. So not only this concealer will cover up your acne spots, it will also treat them. You would observe gradual decrease in your acne spots if you use this regularly. The concealer is tested by experts and is totally safe for your skin.

COOLA Makeup Setting Spray

Amazon best-selling product B00V1Y9WVM

COOLA setting spray is infused with the richness of cucumber and aloe vera, both of which have strong healing abilities. The natural healing and soothing ingredients make it the best makeup setting spray for acne prone skin. It keeps the skin refreshed and does not make it look tired after a long time of wearing makeup. The SPF component protects you from sunlight so any potential damage to acne prone skin due to radiations is prevented. Continue reading

Top 6 Best Sulfate-Free Body Wash to Nourish Your Skin

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Best Sulfate-Free Body Wash

In public places, you often feel shy and embarrassed with the bumpy red patches on your skin that causes constant irritation. Many of us try different ways possible to get rid of it. Still, the dryness of the skin is difficult to overcome. That’s why we have come up here with six unique products that may help you to get velvety-soft and bright skin.

Touch Keratosis Pilaris and Acne Body Wash

Amazon best-selling product B078M6TQ87

The Keratosis Pilaris treatment of Touch has two main ingredients. One is the glycolic acid that removes the surface bumps, and the second one is the oil-soluble salicylic acid that goes deep inside the pores to reduce the inflammation. Apart from this, there is added Hyaluronic acid that helps your skin to hold the moisture.

Aloe vera, Gotu Kola, and Vitamin E have also been added to soothe the skin. If you are not satisfied with the quality, the brand promises you a 100% money-back guarantee.

Botanic Tree Glycolic Acid Body Wash

Amazon best-selling product B08JZGDPMP

Induced with the richness of glycolic acid and natural salicylic acid, this body wash reduces acne and KP without causing inflammation and redness. Moreover, it gently removes the dead skin cells, boosts collagen generation, and brightens up your smoother skin.

Most important, it is free of sulfate and hence, prevents dryness. It is also cruelty-free and does not contain parabens, dyes, drying alcohols, etc. The main ingredients help your skin stay elastic and velvety-soft.

Curel Itch Calming Daily Cleanser

Amazon best-selling product B00YXXPZLO

It is clinically proven to relieve itchy and dry skin and also helps to control flare-ups. Rated to be the best body wash for keratosis pilaris, a Curel cleanser contains olive and jojoba oils. Apart from this, no fragrances have been added that would irritate your skin.

Interestingly, no sulfate has been used in its preparation. One of the main benefits of using the sulfate-free product is there would not be any loss of ceramides that may result in dry and damaged skin. Continue reading

Tips to Help Your Gel Manicures Last

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Women cannot do without nail manicures to maintain their beauty quotient. Simultaneously, one should also ensure that the nails remain healthy while looking beautiful and attractive. Here are some tips that can help gel manicures last longer.

Use high-quality products

There is no substitute for quality, especially when it comes to your nails and other beauty aspects. Using high-quality products like OPI colors proves beneficial because they do not contain harmful chemicals that can prove unhealthy to your nails. These products pass through numerous quality tests before hitting the market shelves.

Continue reading

Speaking Stylist: Haircut Terminology

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This week, we are talking all about haircut terminology. This will help you listen for and understand basic terms to describe what you want in your haircut and even allow you to use them yourself in a consultation. 

Bulk or Weight

Any section of the hair that lays too heavy. Most haircuts need a weight line somewhere in the haircut, but if the style doesn’t look proportionate, there is usually too much weight in a section of the cut. Think of the Dorthy Hammil wedge haircut. In the back, you can see the layers were angled at about 40 degrees from the head, which created a very heavy, bulky section at the back of the head. This would be a perfect example of weight. Unfortunately, unintentional weight can also be in a long cut or in bangs if the hair hasn’t been finished properly. Oftentimes, though, where bulk is placed can come down to personal style. Some people like a heavy bang or weight lines and others like a soft look.


When you have too much bulk in a haircut, one way you fix that problem is by adding more texture. There are so many different ways of adding texture to a haircut and that’s something you have to trust your hairstylist to know, but looking at a haircut and seeing where weight needs to be taken out is something you can easily do. If you look at your haircut and feel like your layers are a bit “chunky” as I’ve heard clients say, they probably need some more texture to soften the look. Texturizing is also great to take a look from a very strong, angular look to a softer, more round look. Even if you don’t necessarily want to remove weight, you can texturize just the ends of a section to change the look. The picture to the left shows what bangs look like when they have been heavily texturized. You can tell that the ends are varying lengths and degrees of thickness, making the bangs appear a bit edgier. You can also do this in layers and other sections of the haircut.


Another way to decrease weight is to thin hair out. You’ll see shears that look like the ones to the left used for this and to add texture. As a stylist, I prefer using my 5″ shears to texturize and do basic bulk removal, but I’ll use my “thinning scissors” to remove a lot of bulk if needed. Often times, if you see your hairdresser pull these out, she’s about to take a lot of hair out of the interior of your cut. So, if you have fine hair or thin hair and you see your hairdresser pull these out… it’s safe to assume they are not very skilled in finishing a cut and you can feel free to tell them you’d not like them to thin out your already thin hair. I have very, very fine, thin hair and I’ve had hairdressers use these on my hair to texturize. Big mistake! Although, some clients are very scared of these scissors for no reason.  I had a woman bring her daughter to me last week… and this girl had enough hair on her head for three women. She had headaches frequently from how thick it was and the only way she was capable of styling it was to throw it in a braid. The mother was very scared of me using these scissors on her daughter, but afterwards, her hair was almost unrecognizable… in a good way. She now has about as much hair on her head as a 13 year old should and hopefully she’s having a much easier time styling it. But if you have hair this thick, you probably already know you want it thinned out. For those that don’t know, now you know how to ask for it.

Face Framing

I think we all know what this means.. the layers that frame your face. They can start at your chin or just be the last two inches of your haircut. A frame can also vary by being either heavy or soft and either disconnected or continuous. If you are one of those ladies that has long hair and layers and wants a change without letting go of the length, adding a face frame would be for you. Another tip about framing is that only the hair from the ear forward should be included in a frame, otherwise you are left with a slight mullet look… which none of us want! So, if you notice your stylist taking more hair than that for the frame, feel free to ask them about it.