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What Is the Solution to the Most Common Bra Fit Issues?

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Are you facing issues finding the perfect fitting bra? We understand there are many problems you deal with while finding a bra that has the appropriate shape and fit. In this article, we will discover the ways to fix the most common problems and how to find the best bra next time you shop.

Solution the Most Common Bra Fit Issues

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Do Your Straps Slip Off?

Straps get stretched after you wear them regularly for weeks and months. You have to tighten bra straps every other month to fix the slipping straps issue. In case the tightening of the straps doesn’t fix the issue, you need to check the bra style. However, if you want to fix the problem permanently, choose the best bra for side spillage.

Full coverage, demi, and multi-way bras are popular among ladies because these bras usually have narrow-set straps. These bras will stay fit on your shoulders the entire day. You should avoid buying balconette and plunge bras that typically have wider-set straps. These bras have straps that easily slip based on the body type.

Are Your Straps Digging In?

Most women complain about the straps digging into their shoulders. Either the bands are too big or have been stretched because of regular wearing. To fix the issue, you should choose a bra with a band that is one size smaller.

Note: Those who choose a bra with one size smaller band size than normal should have a bigger cup size. For instance, women who currently use 36C will find 34D a tighter band that gives good fitting. Continue reading