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Learn How to Get a DND DC Gel Polish Manicure at Home

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The days of waiting for long hours at the nail salon for our turn to come are gone. With most salons closed due to lockdown restrictions, people are comfortable painting their nails at home. Initially, the process can be challenging, but you can master the technique soon enough.

This blog discusses how to apply your DND DC gel polish at home. Choosing the right kind of polish can be tricky because of the extensive range of color options available with the DND DC collection.

Once you have finalized the type of polish to have on your nails, you can proceed with completing the manicure at home.

Some nail manicures do not require much buffing. Hence, they are gentle on your nails. These manicures cost more. However, DND DC gel polish is a preferable option because of the range of colors on display.

Apparatus necessary to get the gel manicure at home

Before you start with the gel manicure at home, it is better to check out the apparatus. Keeping them handy is advisable because you need not rush around the house searching for these tools with nail polish dripping all over the place.

Gel Basecoat: Is necessary to lay the strong foundation for a perfect gel manicure.

Gel Topcoat: Is essential to provide an apt finish to your gel manicure. Continue reading