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Handy Tools to Ensure an Intricate OPI Gel Polish Manicure

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Suppose I ask you. “What is the easiest way to get a gel manicure?” Your reply would be to visit the nearest nail salon and get a professional job done. Under normal circumstances, your response is the perfect one. However, we are not living in regular times. It is the time of a COVID-19 second wave that is proving deadlier than the first one. You have quarantine and other restrictions to follow. Visiting the nail salon for a gel manicure should be the last thing in your mind. It is not worth taking the risk. The best alternative left for you is to go for a DIY manicure. When doing so, you should have the following tools handy.

Top 10 Tools to Ensure an Intricate OPI Gel Polish Manicure

Topcoat and Base Coat

All gel manicures need a base coat and topcoat application. Though you have some brands that do not require a topcoat or a base coat, it is an exception to the rule. An OPI gel nail polish kit comes equipped with clearly marked topcoat and base coat applications. There is no compulsion to have the topcoat and base coat of the same brand, but it is better to have one because it ensures uniformity and quality. Besides, using the same brand ensures that they cure in the type of UV lamp you have. Continue reading